H.264 4K Encoder Eval Kit



Evaluation kits are the fastest way to get started using our high-performance all-hardware codecs. After evaluation, the kits can be used for product development, and full schematics can be licensed if you later wish to design your own hardware.

Compression Standard : H.264/AVC
Codec Function : Encoding
Max. Resolution : Up to 4K/UHD (3840x2160)
Max. Framerate : Up to 30 FPS (30/29.97, 25/24.97, 24/23.98...)
Audio Capability : AAC, MPEG2-LayerII Audio
Precision : 10 bits per channel
Latency : Zero Latency (0.25ms)
Files & Documentation
Product Components
  • VTR-4000C Carrier Board
  • Specifications
    Codec Function : Encoding
    I/O Ports :
    • ···4x 3G SDI in/out
    • ···1x HDMI-1.4a in
    • ···1x HDMI-1.4a out
    • ···1x Ethernet 100/1000mbps
    • ···1x USB-mini (UART API)
    • ···1x USB-mini (UART API)
  • Documents

Customers are advised to consider also purchasing an associated Decoder Eval Kit, for example the H.264 4K Decoder Eval Kit (DC-VA-H264-10B-30-4K-EV-ZL) for lowest-latency end-to-end product evaluation and testing.

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H.264/AVC is the second-generation (current) MPEG Codec standard developed by MPEG.
An encoding system receives raw video from a camera/player/PC and transmit Transport/Program/Elementary Stream(s) to a destination over UDP.
4K Ultra-HD (UHD) Codecs are optimized to process video frames up to 3840 pixels wide and 2160 pixels high. 4K is equivalent to four times the pixels of FHD. Resolutions exceeding these limits may be prepared by special request.
30fps supports frame-rates up to 30fps including FPS/1.001 (29.97, 24.97, 23.98, etc.)
Video-Audio Codecs process both video and audio data. Audio data is encoded/decoded as AAC or MPEG2-LayerII.
10 bits
10-bit extended color precision adds 4 times more color coding precision compared to 8-bit.
Zero Latency
The zero-latency line produce the minimum latency. ZL cores encode/decode data at approximately 0.25ms at 60fps. An end-to-end latency of less than 1/4 of a frame is achieable under controlled conditions. 1-1.5 frame latency is achievable under normal conditions.

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