MPEG-2 HD Decoder Eval Kit



Evaluation kits are the fastest way to get started using our high-performance all-hardware codecs. After evaluation, the kits can be used for product development, and full schematics can be licensed if you later wish to design your own hardware.

Compression Standard : MPEG-2
Codec Function : Decoding
Max. Resolution : Up to FHD/1080p (1920x1080)
Max. Framerate : Up to 30 FPS (30/29.97, 25/24.97, 24/23.98...)
Audio Capability : AAC, MPEG2-LayerII Audio
Precision : 8 bits per channel
Latency : Standard Latency (~2 frames)
Product Components
  • VTR-S1000 Decoder Carrier Board
  • Specifications
    Codec Function : Decoding
    I/O Ports :
    • ···1x 3G SDI in/out
    • ···1x HDMI-1.4a in (micro)
    • ···1x HDMI-1.4a out
    • ···1x Ethernet 100/1000mbps
    • ···1x USB-mini (UART API)
  • Documents
$ 2,490.00
Eval Kit

Customers are advised to consider also purchasing an associated Encoder Eval Kit, for example the MPEG-2 HD Encoder Eval Kit (EC-VA-MPEG2-8B-30-1080-EV-SL) for lowest-latency end-to-end product evaluation and testing.

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MPEG-2 is the first-generation MPEG Codec Specification. Although the MPEG-2 compression efficiency has been largely superceded by the newer H.264 and H.265 standards, many organizations still rely on on the MPEG-2 standard.
A decoding system receives compressed Transport/Elementary/Program Stream(s) from a source over UDP, and decode it into raw HDMI/SDI video for a display.
1080p Full-HD Codecs (FHD) are optimized to process frames up to 1920 pixels wide and 1080 pixels high. Resolutions exceeding these limits may be prepared by special request.
30fps supports frame-rates up to 30fps including FPS/1.001 (29.97, 24.97, 23.98, etc.)
Video-Audio Codecs process both video and audio data. Audio data is encoded/decoded as AAC or MPEG2-LayerII.
8 bits
8-bit is the most common color precision. A balance of compression and quality, sufficient for most applications.
Standard Latency
The standard-latency edition Codecs produce latency of ~2 frames. Compared to software-based or DSP-based codecs on the market, this is considered top-tier latency performance, much faster than what is considered typical.

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